Why Buy GIA Certified Diamonds
Buying GIA Certified Diamonds Why Buy GIA Certified Diamonds GIA Certified Diamonds are esteemed as the highest standard in Diamond buying. GIA is an acronym for the Gemological Institute of America. That being said GIA is not based solely in America. The Gemological Institute of America is a worldwide educational facility that has 2 functions. The first is of course, the study of all gem stones and their origins. The second is evaluating quality and providing a grading system that gives each gemstone its intrinsic value. In this blog we will be discussing solely the diamond gemstone aspect and why buy GIA Certified Diamonds. There are millions of diamonds flooding the international markets every year. However, only a small sampling are GIA certified. Ever think why? There are a few reasons. The first reason is that many diamonds are too small. GIA certified diamonds of all sizes, but starts the grading process at the minimal carat weight of 0.10 points of a carat. The Second reason is that some diamonds are even too unattractive to be certified. Yes everyone says that diamonds are beautiful, but there can definitely be some ugly ones. Earlier I stated that most diamonds are not certified, but in this case I meant to say that they might be certified but aren’t sold based on the information on their GIA certificates. What does that mean? The diamonds are sent to GIA for grading, but return with unappealing results. For example, let’s say your friend wants to sell you a diamond, and his selling price is $2000.00 for a 1.00ct round brilliant cut diamond. He tells you the diamond is an H color and has a clarity grade of VS1. For that price this diamond is a STEEL. Ask your friend to see the GIA certificate. Surprise, surprise…it doesn’t have one. Cause if it did it would definitely not be H VS1. It would most probably be graded a lower color and a lower clarity. A diamond’s color and clarity, whether certified by GIA or not, is subjective. There is no definitive science for giving a diamond it color or clarity grade. When diamond graders are grading diamonds they are basing the grade on the diamond falling within a certain range. If it’s saturation of color is less obvious that the graders master stones than it’s graded higher in color than the master stone. If it’s saturation of color is more obvious then it is graded lower than the master stone…do we get it? Same holds true for clarity. GIA Certified Diamonds That being said, the does not mean that a GIA certificate is inaccurate. Just the contrary. Because GIA is the most esteemed Diamond Grading Laboratory, the influx of diamonds for grading is extraordinary. Because of the high exposure to a broad sampling of diamonds they are able to compile information that supports the grading they convey. So now that you have all this information…will you buy a diamond certified by GIA or not? Our recommendation is as follows. If you have as much experience as an avid diamond grader then you don’t’ really need to buy a diamond that is GIA certified. However, if you’re like the average diamond buyer you’d probably do well with buying a diamond that is GIA certified.