Best Time To Buy Diamonds
Best time to buy Diamonds Clients always ask us, “The best time to buy diamonds?” “Is there a time of year that diamonds are less expensive than right now?” “Do Diamonds ever go on sale?” “Am I making a mistake buying a diamond now instead of later? Buying GIA Certified Diamonds A lot of our clients are “numbers guys”, always looking for a statistical substantiation with a direct correlation to what it is that they are spending money on. Long story short, consumers always want to know if they can get what they want…for less. So some shop around…and then come back. And since they can’t find what they want at a different vendor for less, they wonder if the time of purchase can make a difference in price. Like if they buy an engagement ring in March as opposed to October, will they save money? My answer to that is twofold. Diamonds are a commodity, so their prices do go up and down. Unfortunately, the down part of that doesn’t always carry over to the customer. Diamond manufactures could have acquired the diamond at a high price and later refuse to sell it at a lose if the value goes down. Playing the guessing game of “when will diamond prices drop” will in most cases leave you spending more money because you waited too long. Buying Diamonds My advice to potential diamond buyers is, buy the diamond when you need it. If you’re in love and want to seal the deal don’t let the “economy” get it the way. Don’t let market trends decide your futures. Getting engaged is a romantic and passionate stage in life. It would be wrong to clutter it with doubt over possible market drops. And if you’re still in doubt, come and see us. We’ll make sure to give you a comprehensive buying experience.