Goethe on visualizing & visualization | Goethean Science Discussions
Goethe had a very nuanced idea of visualizing and visualization. His ideas do NOT coincide with Descartes-Newton and modern scientific, post-modern science ideas. Goethe's ideas are more holistic and remain rather unique in 2018. A published paper lays this out well: Goethe's way of observing required one to look into an object, and see behind mere sense impressions and one's own mere thoughts and feelings about the subject ... The missing elements for him were 'insight into the object's character; and, the striving of the human spirit'.30 Goethe's mode of perceiving stretched . Goethe's mode of perceiving stretched from the phenomenal world into the noumenal realms. This contrasted with the Kantian assertion of the mediation of noumena by sense-impressions. Goethe's reaching towards the objective was not strictly Spinozist either. Goethe's encounter with the object was first external; and then, internal and imagined. This is in stark contrast to Spinoza's view of imagination and