Goethe's Three Orders of Science, hidden in plain sight | Goethean Science Discussions
In wrapping up-tweaking my last big Goethean writing project, I realized it's possible to claim the 'Three Sciences We Use Everyday' as a Goethe idea. There's no profit in claiming it as my own idea anyway. Goethe's Three Orders of Science were hidden in plain sight for 250 years. Where? The original 2014 presentation of Three Sciences suggests the ordinariness of the Three Orders. Here's another view; take a look: First Order Science ~ My own internal use of rational Thinking and rational Feeling. This really is what men do at least occasionally in their man-caves and women do in their she-caves. Our inner lives, how we attend to, and navigate, our Inner Game of Life, may be primitive--yet some spark exists, especially for Waldorf folks. First Order Science is also how we exercise our five-sensory or 12-sensory channels, what we perceive and how we perceive. In fewer words: How we learn. Am I learning? If yes--how? That's it. First Order Science is this simple. Stop here.