Goethean Science: From mere categorizing to interactive experiments | Goethean Science Discussions
UPDATED DRAFT Why did Goethe feel a new way of seeing was needed? Compared to centuries of earlier superstition and Alchemy fallen into mere witchcraft, one-sided, left-brain intelligence, exercised in the Enlightenment and Age of Reason was indeed a step forward. However by 1750 Western philosophy was falling more and more into extreme one-sidedness, into exclusively rational Thinking. Goethe was one of few aware of this flaw. He recognized it as an ethical and moral dead end. More and more Goethe saw the consensual view of the human being falling into exclusively mechanical understanding and rhetoric. Goethe believed every act of looking at a thing turns into observation, every act of observation turns into mentation, every act of mentation turns into associations. Thus it is evident we theorize every time we look attentively out into the world." For Goethe, the ultimate aim of experiments was two-sided: increase of human knowledge of lawful patterns and behavior; as well, the