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Physical health analogized as warp and woof of physical anatomy and etheric anatomy Warp and woof of health in our physical body Physical health as the intersection of physical anatomy and etheric anatomy More precisely, each reader's physical health is the intersection of how healthy each and all of the following bodies: Visible: Physical Invisible: Etheric double including acupuncture meridians Invisible: Imaginal (astral) body including template of the Christ Invisible: Emotional (causal) body, including unresolved attachments Invisible: Mental body, including unresolved faulty beliefs Invisible: Mythological (upper etheric) body, including unresolved identifications with Creation. Warp and woof are weaving terms; they indicate the two directions of threads in cloth. When woven together, warp and woof create whole cloth, regardless of the raw material. If one reads Rudolf Steiner and his students, they make clear the place to look for the major, leading, primary logical level of