No flowering plant grows just to make seeds; just ask any plant | Goethean Science Discussions
Excerpted from the forthcoming book on Brain Quadrants and Holistic Brain Balancing Each year flowering annuals look forward to producing flowers all out of proportion to making seeds. No plant writes home to mother, "What big seeds I made this year." Plants are proudest of the flowers they made. We tell school children the purpose of plants is to make seeds so new plants can grow next year. That is how the one-eyed, color-blind survivalist intellect thinks. That's not how a flowering plant thinks. The plant thinks: "Just making seeds is boring. What's the fun of doing the same thing over and over again endlessly?" The plant thinks: "I want to make a FLOWER! I was born to make flowers! "The leaf-leaf-leaf rhythm is all very well, but I'm just getting ready for the climax, the big event, my FLOWER! In our etheric aura, each living thing aspires to become something more. We nominalize this into a static noun, "evolution." Our etheric body experiences this as a verb and an affirmation,