Goethean science as big tent for science and psychology | Goethean Science Discussions
The idea of a "big tent" in psychology goes like this: what theory of psychology is sufficiently broad and inclusive so it could embrace, support, shelter and nurture diverse techniques-methods under a single roof? A "big tent" is a metaphor for a big idea, under which subordinate ideas can gather, identify common ground, find support and engage constructively. In the 20th century, scores of competing models of the human psyche, each attempted to uncover strong therapeutic direction, what to do with this client in this circumstance. This intention was healing, even tho many times between models, "the words got in the way." Academic psych texts, God bless them, often compounded this problem by comparing and contrasting psychological models. This emphasized the individuality of each tree in psychology at the cost of a sense of direction and purpose to the whole forest. This is why Gerald Corey's Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, latest edition, is so well