How to Save the Black Community for only $2.00 a Month
What if I told you there is a way to resolve most of the issues in the black community in 30 years or possibly less? You probably wouldn’t believe me. For 400 years, we have been trying to free ourselves from the system of white supremacy and we have had only managed to achieve minimal progress that can be taken from us at anytime. At different periods of time in history, we have tried many different methods and for whatever reason, those methods have not been able to completely free us from the system of white supremacy. I believe that I have come up with a plan that can finally help us to overcome or at least circumvent the system of white supremacy In order to resolve many of the economic issues in our communities, all it would take is for each us to donate $2.00 a month for our entire lives and that’s it. This would create an unlimited funding resource. If all 45 million black people in America were willing to donate, $2.00 a month to a nonprofit superfund or foundation that serves the needs of black America, most of our issues could be resolved. Let’s do the math. $2.00 a month per person is about $90 million dollars a month and $1 billion dollars a year. Over a 30 year period, that could potentially generate $30 billion dollars. Imagine what we can do with an unlimited funding resource? This foundation could concentrate on 5 major areas……business, education, healthcare, housing and legal (criminal law and legal issues). It could also provide education and training in other areas as well. These are the 5 areas needed to decrease our dependence on white America. Their treatment of us is largely because of our dependence on them in much the same way an abused person is dependent on their abuser. We depend on them for jobs, education, housing, health care and of course legal matters. We have very little political power and even less money. With an unlimited funding resource, we can now decrease our dependence on white America. The dynamics begin to change when our dependence has decreased. Once the dynamics change, our influence and political power began to increase. If what they say is true about the white population decreasing, there is a void that needs to be filled at the top. In order to fill that void the black community had better get started now at rebuilding the community. This is truly a silent revolution. The beauty of this plan is that no one has to get hurt, no one has to lose their job, no one has to beg politicians to advocate on behalf of black voters, and no one has to beg white people to be nicer. It is simply each of us quietly donating to a nonprofit foundation that will do the things for us that our government refuses to do for us……for now. The goal of the foundation is to serve as many black people as possible regardless of political or religious affiliations Sacrifice, money and unity is some of the reasons why we struggle with white supremacy which is what is needed to defeat white supremacy. Donating 2.00 am month alleviates all 3 of these issues. Black people don’t have to sacrifice anything. No protesting, marching or being arrested for fighting for what you believe in. No boycotting (unless you want to), no giving up going to the movies, no giving up your favorite bottled water, no giving up football. Black people don’t have to spend a large sum of money. Even the poorest of us can afford 2.00 a month. For 99% of us, 2.00 a month is doable. We increase unity by simply just willing to commit to donating 2.00 a month for our entire lives. If implemented correctly, this plan could greatly reduce poverty and unemployment in our communities. We will develop a code of conduct that will be as second nature to us as breathing. Our communities could really become a real life Wakanda. By breaking down white supremacy to its smallest parts, it becomes easier for all of us to fight white supremacy and to repair our communities. Now, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which the 5 major areas can help to rebuild our communities and decrease our dependence on white America. Keep in mind these are just my personal ideas, however all suggestions and ideas are welcome. Business The foundation can help to fund black businesses. However black business owners would need to meet specific criteria such as taking courses on running a business and developing a business plan. After going through a rigorous screening process, if they meet the criteria the foundation could fund their business venture but in exchange, the business owner must commit to hiring a percentage of people from our communities once they are able to hire. In return, our community will give black business owners first consideration when making purchases. In other words, our community will always make the effort to purchase from black business owners first. The foundation could even maintain a business directory to help promote and support all black business owners. In return, the black business owner will be helping to rebuild by hiring from within our communities thereby helping to reduce poverty and the black unemployment rates. We could literally have Fortune 500 companies in 30 years. The possibilities are endless on how this can be implemented. However the foundation can’t fund every business but by implementing a rigorous screening process, it helps to ensure that the business owners most likely to succeed will be selected for funding. Education We need lawyers, doctors, engineers, electricians, plumbers……everybody has a role to play and no one should be excluded. Bringing 1.1 billion dollars a year can send thousands of people to college or trade school each year. We could possibly build our own schools and staff them with much needed black teachers. There are a myriad of ways we could use this money to educate our children. But this isn’t a free for nothing kind of program. For each person that receives funding for college tuition, they would be legally bound to give back to the community in the form of community service. For example, if we pay someone to go college to become a criminal justice lawyer, he would be legally bound to provide pro bono services for a period of time. If the foundation funds your tuition for you to become a doctor, you would be require to provide your services to people who don’t have the money or insurance for medical treatments for a pre defined period of time. We also need people in the trades such as HVAC repair, carpenters, plumbers. If the foundation pays for you to go to trade school, you could help repair someone’s house for your community service as an example. Basically in exchange for reduced or possibly free education, all that is require is that you give back for a pre define amount of time or hours. However, if you fail to meet this legal obligation, you would be legally bound to repay the foundation for the cost of your education. I think most people would rather fulfill their obligations rather than pay back years of student loans. This also frees them up to start building wealth sooner as they will not be saddled with student loan debt. The community benefits too as they needs of those that have been neglected will now be addressed for either low cost or free. This is a win-win for all parties involved. Healthcare Imagine being able to build our hospitals, and build urgent care centers in our communities. We could provide wellness services, dental services, counseling services. In addition, we couldn fund and maintain hospitals in our communities. Fight legal battles to advocate for better healthcare. Again the possibilities are unlimited in this area as well. Housing Gentrification can be halted in our communities. We can now buy up properties and restore them and rent them out for low cost housing. We can build more parks, we can repair existing housing. Legal We all know how blacks are treated in the criminal justice system. Too many times, the rights of people of color are ignored. The foundation can provide legal services to individuals to ensure their legal rights are enforced. In addition, because there will many more black lawyers due to the foundation funding their tuition, part of their community service can be to represent people who are unable to afford a lawyer. We would now have the funding to fight for laws that could directly benefit the black community. Our legal services will be able to give advice on everything from legal proceedings such as establishing a will to criminal advice. Corruption Some of our greatest defeats have been at the hands of our own people. With the potential of generating billions of dollars, it also has the potential to attract people with their own hidden agendas. The only way this could fail is if there are no mechanisms in place to prevent and address corruption. Of course it would take a team of lawyers to help put safeguards in place but some of the things we could do is implement term limits to prevent any one person from assuming total power and establish bylaws to protect the foundation from becoming corrupt. Another measure is to make it completely transparent. Make the financials available to the public……no secrets. It is the only way our community can achieve long term prosperity. Conclusion The foundation would be able to do a lot to help rebuild the community with an unlimited source of funding. However keep in mind, it cannot solve all problems. It can only provide the tools necessary to solve some of the problems. We still need people on the frontlines fighting in such areas as social justice. It’s just now we will have the means by which to support those people who are fighting on the frontlines. We can provide legal support as well as financial support. While there are many other charities and nonprofit organizations that do the same thing, they tend to focus on one area. For example, the NAACP focuses on issues of social justice. The foundation is not a replacement but would be an enhancement to existing organizations and infrastructures and shouldn’t be seen as direct competition. If anything the foundation could use those organizations as those organizations already have a network in place. This plan can work and the beauty is in its simplicity. Although it is a simple yet poweful concept, it is a massive undertaking. But it would be well worth it as this kind of superfund could provide the black community the financial tools it needs to finally rebuild the community, decrease our dependence on white supremacy and put us on a path to prosperity for years to come. Black America is looking for answers that can be acted on right now. This fund could actually start making a difference almost immediately. For too long we have looked to the church and politicians for helping us to fight white supremacy. However white supremacy has been to powerful for any single entity or organizations to fight back effectively. I believe the plan of donating a mere 2.00 a month has the most potential to finally enable us to defeat white supremacy. This is not a plan written in stone but a rough draft to merely get the conversation going to see if it is something that is a viable way to resolve some of our issues. I would love to hear your feedback and see if this is something that is possible. What are the pros and cons of an idea like this? Would you consider donating or help implement a nationwide plan to help improve our communities? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Send us an email with your suggestions to By Nanci Casson 04/18/2018