Los Angeles Black Worker Center and Local Community Organizations Lead #LocalEnforcementNow Movement in Support of Senate Bill 218 | Black Voice News
Andrea Baldrias | Contributor The Los Angeles Black Worker Center (LABWC) is leading the #LocalEnforcementNow movement to give Black workers a voice in support of the new legislation, Senate Bill 218, introduced by Senator Steven Bradford (D- Gardena). The legislation is focused on the exponentially high unemployment of Black workers and the increase of racial discrimination claims. SB 218 aims to expand worker's civil rights by localizing the enforcement of workplace discrimination laws. It affords municipalities the authority to enforce civil rights protections for workers employed within their municipal boundaries. The Los Angeles Black Worker Center combines systemic and collective approaches to engage employers directly and give workers more structure and power to gain access to quality jobs and challenge/remove systemic barriers to employment. The LABWC holds programs that promote access to quality jobs, racial equity in hiring and retention, discrimination-free job sites, and