“Recipe for Disaster” Light Mystery eBook Cover Kit
“Recipe for Disaster” is a cute and fun cover for any tea-cozy mystery, or any light mystery novel. It can also be used in a variety of non-fiction, food-related areas. This product is great for independent authors, indie authors, and for use on such publishing platforms as Kindle and Nook.A professional ebook cover can be a deciding factor when a reader discovers your title. You aren’t a cover designer or graphic artist, but most readers will expect you to create a cover as if you were. A bad book cover delivers the wrong message. It’s no secret that entire websites are devoted to showcasing (and mocking) bad book covers, and many news sites such as the “Huffington Post” and “The Telegraph,” have ran articles doing the same. No author should have to live with that. Your book cover is just as important as a well-written, concise description.All payments are handled via the secure servers at and We do not have access to your personal financial information. All transactions are confidential, and all are covered by both our Privacy Policyand our Terms.