Kik Messenger's KIN Foundation Selects 40 Developers for $3M Incubator Program
Kin Ecosystem Foundation Has Chosen 40 Apps to Add to Inaugural Development Incubator The Kin Ecosystem Foundation recently held a competition of sorts, opening the door to applicants to submit their projects that will help further the advancement of the company. They announced the Kin Developer Program on July 11th, and the program received the proposals of over 200 developers, coming from 38 different countries, for a chance to work with Kin. Dany Fishel, who is the president of the entire Kin Foundation, said, "The Kin Developer Program allows us to harness the creativity of the global developer community to achieve our goal of becoming the most used cryptocurrency in the world. We received proposals that plan to integrate Kin in new and exciting ways, and we are eager to work with these developers to build real consumer use cases of cryptocurrency." As of August 15th, the program has narrowed their selection down to 40 developers, which is just the first stage. When they originally