Fan360 ICO (FAN Token): Blockchain Sports Community Rewards?
What Is Fan360? Fan360 is a blockchain-based platform that rewards uses for their passion in sports while offering them the complete fan experience. The platform will also provide users with an overview about everything happening to their favorite sports stars in real time. Fan360 will make it easy for fans to access content about their favorite star by unifying all the star's social media, news, and scores. Therefore, they will not have to manually to visit various sites or download numerous applications in order to follow them. The platform has an AI driven news feed designed to suit the individual needs of the fans. The fans can choose sports stars, leagues and clubs they prefer to follow. How Fan360 Blockchain Sports Community Rewards Works The platform has a tokenization system built on blockchain technology that rewards users for simply supporting their favorite sports star, club, or brand. Users receive rewards in form of points for engaging on the platform through contributing