Crystal Clear – CCT ICO Token For Offline Local Services System?
Crystal Clear Services, or CSS, promises to revolutionize the local service industry by creating a directory of freelancers and local service jobs. Read our Crystal Clear Services review today to find out how it works. What Is Crystal Clear? Crystal Clear Services promises to offer a full range of local services at your fingertips using a convenient, simplified system. It enables users – even those who aren't technically skilled – to order a service, create an auction, pay for the service, and leave feedback. Essentially, Crystal Clear plans to revolutionize the local service industry by creating a transparent, blockchain-based platform catered to customers and service providers. The platform includes smart notifications and reminders, ratings and recommendations, a booking system, escrow payments, and dispute resolution. All if it is accessible through the Crystal Clear Services mobile app. Users will interact with the platform using the Crystal Clear Token, or CCT. Users can spend