Winner: Adrià López Baucells, University of Lisbon Flying in the rain. Manaus, Brazil. – BiOME Ecology Magazine
Overall Student Winner: Adrià López Baucells, University of Lisbon Shadows in the sky. Manaus, Brazil The neotropical fringe-lipped bat (Trachops cirrhosus) is a medium-sized bat found in dry and moist forests extending from Mexico to Brazil. The species is easily identified by its prominent papilla-like projections on the lips and muzzle. This is one of the few neotropical bats known to capture and prey on vertebrate species. Actually, fringe-lipped bats are known mostly for their frog-eating habits. However, their diet is still poorly understood in the Amazon. We reported two events of fringe-lipped bats preying on tree frogs (Scinax cf. garbei and Scinax cruentommus) in the North-Western Journal of Zoology in 2016. Taking advantage of our long fieldwork carried out for the PDBFF project (Projeto Dinâmica Biológica de Fragmentos Florestais) in the central Amazon, we managed to photograph a fringe-lipped bat approaching one of their newly discovered targets.