Xeriscaping: What It Is and Why It's Time To Get On Board |
Congratulations! You've bought your dream home and have been working hard on your yard and garden, scouring landscaping books and binge watching Love Your Garden on Netflix but to no avail. Mother Nature has said "Nope. Not today." Instead of a beautiful lush oasis your lawn is a sad, crispy desert mocking your landscaping attempts every time you walk outside. Many north Texas Home Buyers suffer with the summer heat transforming their yards into a post-apopyolitic scene from Mad Max. No more. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today is the day you learn about xeriscaping. Pronounced "zeer-i-scape" is the combination of two Greek words: "xeros" (dry) and "scape" (view) was a concept coined and trademarked by Denver Water during a difficult drought period in the late 1970's and early 80's. It is a philosophy that uses as many native drought resistant plants as possible and arranges them in an efficient water-saving manner. What this means for you, is it could save you