Where Should You Start First When Renovating? |
Renovating a house should follow a definite plan of sequential steps. When you buy a home that's a fixer-upper, you should do so with the understanding that you will own a house but you will live on a construction site for what seems like forever. Where you should start renovating a house depends on the repairs needed. Before you start renovation, you need a roadmap to guide your efforts. Also remember the "mushroom" effect: Small projects mushroom into large projects, if issues are ignored. Make Contact Bring in the appropriate contractors for the building systems, such as a plumber, electrician, a carpenter, a roofing contractor and -- if the house is a brick structure or brick veneer structure -- a mason. Have each contractor provide a written report of the conditions and the problems they find. These reports will tell you the likely scope of your renovation project. Use the Reports The contractors' reports will give you the essential information on structural issues, plumbing