What is a Subject To Home Sale? |
Interview with Dallas Real Estate Expert Dan Shoemaker Explains the Truth about Selling a House Subject To as a Means to Prevent Foreclosure • What is a Subject To? Subject To is a short way of saying you're selling (or buying) a house subject to the existing mortgage. It is a means of transferring ownership of a property to another person (most often an investment company) while the loan remains in the original owners name until such time as it can paid in full or refinanced. • Why would someone want to sell a house using that method? It depends, but in most cases, the amount owed on the house along with repairs needed versus the market value does not make it a viable purchase. Sometimes the owner is facing foreclosure and must sell the house quickly. A real estate investor can come in, get the loan reinstated, and take over payments on the house. Furthermore, the real estate investor will then make all the repairs for the house and either sell it via retail, owner finance