Millennial 2019 Real Estate Trends |
We're officially into the third month of 2019 and if you're involved in the real estate industry in any capacity, from agent to investor to buyer then you're probably already feeling the strain of the new year and the changes in the market. While it's likely to stay this course for 2019, an increase in demand coming from Millennials looking to move into home ownership can help give the market a needed boost.This new generation of homeowners also bring with them new trends ranging from marketing to what they look for in a home. Sweat Equity There is something about the food network and HGTV that makes firm believers out of people in their abilities to become the next famous chef or a pro rehabber. However, with all of the resources available and a shortage of affordable starter homes Millennials are more open to put in the sweat and elbow grease in order to become a first time home buyer. This opens up a new window of opportunity to investors and wholesalers such as Big