How To Stage Your House For A Quick Home Sale |
Need to Sell Your House Fast? The average staged home sells in 35 days or less and typically close to asking price or higher. Compare that to unstaged houses which average 145 days on market before they sell. If you need to sell your house fast but don't want to pay for a professional stager, take a look at the following tips: Do! 1) Let in the light! Open blinds and add several lamps to create bright and airy spaces that are attractive to home buyers. Ensure that rooms feature overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Keep those lights on even during the day! 2)Get Rid of Clutter and excess furniture to sell fast. Professional stagers often begin by removing up to a half of the furniture in a house in order to make rooms appear larger. By removing personal items, such as photos, buyers will more easily be able to imagine themselves in the house. In addition, removing belongings early in the process of selling your home will make the packing process much easier when it is