Common North Texas Pests and How You Can Prevent Them |
Are you Bugging out in DFW?! Common North Texas Pests and How You Can Prevent Them: Have you ever been sound asleep when suddenly you are woken in a state of complete panic because ROACHES are crawling all over you? I'm willing to bet you just cringed at the very thought. Roaches are up there with clowns, public speaking and zombies of top fears and this childhood experience certainly stands to reason why Big Texas Home Buyers' founder, Heather Faires has a healthy dislike of the buggies (especially the winged ones). Yes, you read that right. She woke up to roaches crawling all over her as child, incidentally in a home that her step father was rehabbing. The mission now is to ensure that other innocent people never succumb to the same fate. We are here to help. We will be looking at some of the most common insects you will find in and around your home as well as the best way to handle them without bugging out (teehee). Roaches: First, let's dispel the rumor about