8 WAYS TO KEEP FROM COMMITTING EQUITY KILLERS Hey you! The one putting electric green shag carpet in all the bedrooms. The one turning the dining room into a bedroom - without a closet. The one transforming your kitchen into an homage to Arabian Nights. The one painting all the walls black and replacing all the wood baseboards with Lucite. What are you thinking?! Unless you're never, ever planning to move and are completely immune to the life changes and twists and turns that catch us all by surprise, you can't turn your home into a crazy house or make changes so severe that everyone but you will be turned off by them. You can't. Because when you get crazy with your home, you're giving away all your equity.Yes, your home is your personal sanctuary. You want it to reflect your taste and your style. But if your design aesthetic is classified as "vampire chic," or if your idea of a fashionable home could be confused for a junk pile art installation, you might want to take it down a notch