5 Worst Home Improvements |
Are you ready to sell your home? Have you been thinking about investing in some home improvement projects before you sell? Prospective home sellers, hoping to increase the value of their home, will often pick the wrong projects, not getting the most bang out of their buck. In this article we'll review the five worst home improvement projects when selling your home. 5 Worst Home Improvement Projects 1. Pool: Pools are fun to swim in, but not fun to install—especially given the hefty price tag! Installing a pool can cost upwards of $20,000 to $60,000, plus an additional $2,000 a year to maintain. However, they don't do much when it comes to upping a home's value. First of all, the relatively small six to 11 percent increase in resale price for an in-ground pool depends on where the home is located. Secondly, above-ground pools have no added value to a home and can even decrease a home's value. 2. Garage: A garage addition or conversion can be financially disastrous. Adding space