4 showstoppers for staging your home
Flipping your home is a great way to make the biggest bang for your buck. Knowing what repairs to make to your home is critical to making the most money, but did you know that those that stage their home can expect to make even more! In fact, those that stage their home can sell it 73% faster than those that don't!! "House flippers who take the time to stage their flip make more money, and make it faster than those that don't. Mixing textures, and making the most off natural light, is essential to stage a flip."- Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages, Phoenix Hard Money Lender. Staging your room with these showstoppers won't just make your flip pretty, but can save you time where it isn't sitting on the market. These showstoppers are perfect for selling your home faster than ever! Vanity Realtors are quick to say that bathrooms and kitchens are what sell houses. So adding a showstopper to these rooms will help you sell your flip faster than ever! A Vanity is a beautiful accent to add to a