Metaphysics and Same Sex Marriage
Before Christianity, same sex marriage was normal. Being gay was normal. Love between 2 consenting adults is what God accepts, there is a reason for it. In numerous cultures throughout early history, gay people were honored and treated as royalty for they felt that they were truly blessed by God. Their thought was that having the qualities of both sexes was a blessing. Rev Michael received a message from his guides in regards to why God created gay people. God promised after the great flood to never again destroy mankind. We have taken the "be fruitful and multiply" too seriously and have over populated the world. We have polluted the air supply, cut down the forests, polluted the drinking water and treated nature poorly. We only have a limited supply of these natural resources and can only truly sustain a certain number of people. We have reached that sustainability. God decided that he can not break his promise but that something needed to be done. So he figured since we are going to