Financial Support
We believe that God/Creator supports His/Her Work through the offerings of His/Her People! Be The Light operates in this fashion. Where you attend Church and are a member, you too, should give your first offerings there! However, Be The Light was in operation before we established a local Church. Rev Michael was given the message to use modern technology to it's fullest extent to help those in need from around the world. Many things go on here at Be The Light beyond the typical doings of a local Church. The Ministry here is truly a Missionary endeavour. A system of financial support has evolved which assists us in the financing of our Creator's work here at Be The Light. May I share the following with you now in order to brief you as to three main focuses of extra finance in order to give you a clear view of what exists in this regard. You may very well be led by God/Creator to participate. There are three groups of principle financial partners of Be The Light Metaphysical. These are: