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KIN HONG - THE TACO BAR BEIJING - Salsa Recipe If you asked Kin Hong a year ago if he would ever see himself opening a restaurant in China, he would have told you that you must be crazy. Now he is the proud owner of The Taco Bar in Beijing, the first of its kind. We visited Kin Hong’s establishment during its soft opening in August 2012 and tasted the yummy creation of this master of Mexican Cuisine (although Hong is trained in classic French cuisine). In this post, Kin Hong let’s us in on the secret of his ‘house salsa’ recipe with. Stay tuned for more. There will be a longer video on Kin Hong and how the former private chef deviated from what was supposed to be a culinary trip to various Asian countries, and instead wound up opening a speak-easy restaurant tucked away in a Beijing Hutong (=small alley). Likes: 3 Viewed: source