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Some Tips When Planning A Birthday Surprise Party Birthdays are always special for people, and you can make it even more special by planning a surprise birthday party. We will tell you now, and that is that planning a birthday surprise party is going to keep you busy for quite some time. Of course, you will have to choose only one kind of surprise party among the many you have as options. Here, you will learn about the best tips on what kind of birthday surprise you should surprise your friend or family with. So out of all the great birthday surprises to choose from, here are only the top 3 birthday surprises you can plan out for your loved one. The first idea that we will give you is to book a private party. When you book a private party, location is actually very, very important. The good news is that it is actually easy to find a great restaurant, resort, or place that offers private bookings; in this way, you can really choose a location that the celebrant will surely love to