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Visit to get started right now! There is no substitute for a low carb diet if you are serious about getting healthy and in shape. Numerous studies have shown that refined carbs are disastrous for your health. They poison your body with fast, empty calories that leave you malnourished and hungry for more. A low carb diet breaks this cycle by giving your body the nutrition it needs and letting you eat more without storing fat on your body. But a great low carb diet does this while also giving you food you can enjoy! The Paleo Recipe Book teaches the paleo or "caveman" diet which gives you tons of delicious meals and snacks. It also removes all the processed, unhealthy garbage from your diet. This is the ultimate low carb lifestyle that you can maintain for as long as you want. Click the link above to visit the official site of the Paleo Recipe Book and learn more about eating a low carb diet. Likes: 1 Viewed: 56 source