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How to make Sumptuous Green Vegan Lasagna. Planning on making a meal that your family will love? The savory green vegan lasagna will deliver a best meal that you will love, prep time being 30 minutes, cook time of 45minutes summing up to 75 minutes with calories per serving of 20-300 and suitable for serving 4 people check this website as we learn more here! The ingredients to make the savory green lasagna include2 tsp. of sea salt, cup of leaves parsley, cup o of packed basil leaves, 1 lemon juiced, a cup of cashews, 3T of olive oil divided in 1T and 2T, a cup of arugula, medium chopped zucchini, 4 cloves of garlic, 28 oz. peeled, and whole Roma tomatoes in sauce, 10 oz. of brown rice and 2 spring basils follow this site for more. The foist step to making your savory green vegan lasagna is by preparing the marinara sauce, next put olive oil in pan, add cloves of garlic, minced wait the garlic to brown and add tomatoes, later add sea salt and ensure the garlic dies not burn., read