In a world where everyone is obsessed with flavor profiles and recipes, Paul Desrochers is focused on food presentation and plating. From color to texture, placement to composition, his mouthwatering plates are delicious works of art. You may have seen his photos on Instagram (Pauliecooks), but for the first time ever Paulie sits down with director Mike Pecci and digs deep into the obsession and techniques behind his work. “Plating to me is expressing yourself through food…” – Paulie. Desrochers is convinced that you can make any meal taste better by plating it well, watch and see what he does with a bucket of KFC! Starring Paul Desrochers Produced by: McFarland & Pecci Shot & Directed by: Mike Pecci Co-Producer: Tony Fernandez Lighting: Ruben Alves Edited by: Tony Fernandez & Mike Pecci Likes: 28 Viewed: 3484 source