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Foods That You Can Make so Easily from Scratch A big percentage of people usually do not like to cook and this is mainly because, there are many restaurants that they can visit. There are many people today that can am not make even very simple food because they lack the knowledge. Quite a big percentage of these people in fact, hate cooking and thats why, they will do it. Trying to make your food from scratch can be very time-consuming and therefore, you cannot really blame these people. In fact, quite a big percentage of people do not have time for the cooking because of the tight schedules that they have to follow every day. Getting to learn how to cook can be very good for you especially because, its a great skill that you can continue refining. The only way that you can be able to get the biggest benefits is if you try to look for the foods that are very simple to make. There are lots of foods that you can try to manage and your own and the good thing is that, this is very