simyo – “The Recipe for Savings” [Short Version] – Advertisement – (Spain, 2012) | Best Recipe
The main spot for use as pre/post-roll YouTube and Spanish online media sites central part of the Spanish telco "simyo" 2012/13 promotional campaign (its first in 3 years). Targeted to a wide demographic audience of potential new customers. I was in charge of creating the whole of the ad from the ground up including the creative concept, storyboarding and creative direction, shooting, production, graphic and production design, postproduction: editing, compositing, keying, VFX and sound design. The project took over 300 work-hours including live action shooting and postproduction work. Story, Director & Editor: Carlos Opitz Client: simyo Spain (Orange España Virtual S.L.U) Executive Producer: Carlos Opitz & Caroline Loftin Director of Photography: Carlos Opitz Hands Model: Caroline Loftin Producer: Carlos Opitz & Caroline Loftin VFX, 2D Compositor & Colorist: Carlos Opitz Voice Over: Javier Abengózar Audio Mix: Carlos Opitz Sound Designer: Carlos Opitz Software Used: Adobe After Effects