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Tips of Losing Weight By Eating Cookies Eating cookies might not seem like the top thing worth considering when we talk about losing weight. You might think that this will not work, but it will work for sure. The best person to use here is Sol Orwell who weighed 205 pound before having some health related problems. Perhaps this might seem impossible, but Sol was in a position of losing 50 pounds when still feeding on his favorite food, cookies. You can get more info about Orwell journey of weight loss here. Outlined in this article are some few things that helped Sol to lose weight, check it out! The first thing that you need to do is monitor your calories. The one and only way you can lose weight is burning more calories than you are eating. This means if you are serious about losing weight you need to make a count of how many calories you are eating and then calculate how much you plan on burning, view here for more. You can reduce your calories intake and improve your calories