October - November by Kevin Benkenstein on Exposure
An unexpected moment, aren't they always? Out of nowhere my back wheel was sliding out from under me, it took a second but felt like a lifetime. 'Don't fall on your shoulders' I thought, but maybe I should have done just that. A slow fall is always worse, I've had less practice at them and you fall heavily on your joints. Instantly my left hand was useless, so much so that I was unable to take my right glove off. I told myself that it would be ok, that it was just sprained but I knew that x-rays would show otherwise. The Doc said "6-8 weeks. Stay off the bike, you cannot fall on it again". "What about the indoor trainer though? Or my Mountain Bike on the road? I'll be careful. It's just that there's this ride I've entered..." 2 days away to reassess. 2 months to recover. I had to come back stronger.