| With Pacific Northwest Rumbling & New Madrid Shaking, Experts Warn: Prepare For 'Black Sky Days'
This past week, members of the Tennessee National Guard took part 'Tennessee Manuevers 2016', the largest earthquake response drill in the state's history with exercises simulating a 7.5 quake along the New Madrid fault line that could become responsible for 'black sky days' for large parts of America as well as 'all hell breaking loose' should the worst case scenario take place. We're told such a 'black sky' event is beyond the capability of our current emergency response according to a National Infrastructure Advisory Council report on how vulnerable the US water supply would be to such a quake. While the San Andreas fault line in California and the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the West coast of America have been receiving the majority of attention from earthquake watchers recently, a massive quake along the New Madrid could be responsible for a series of cascading power outages that stretches much further than just the 7 states which are expected to be affected most should a large