| What's Behind the Doubling of Brain Tumors In Denmark?
Since 1990 brain tumors and tumors of the central nervous system (CNS) have more than doubled, according to a report by the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation Stralskyddsstiftelsen published January 20, 2017 [1]. The number of patients is on a steady increase since 2004-2005. Is that coincidental with the increase of smart technology, which uses microwaves to implement instant access and networks? In 1990 the rate was 827 patients, whereas in 2015 it more than doubles to 1807 patients or 2.185 times! The rise in malignant and non-cancerous tumors is happening in younger patients, those who are more likely to be using smart technology gadgets, e.g., iPhones and Wi-Fi at school or work. The breakdown according to brain and spinal cord cover (122), brain (123), and CNS spinal cord, cranial nerves (124) tumors is depicted in the color-coded graph below. The frightening part about what's going on in Denmark is that CNS tumors are almost as common as melanoma in those aged 0 to 39