| WATCH: Visit Scenic Pluto: NASA Puts Out Landing Simulation Video
If Pluto's temperatures of -240°C, frozen nitrogen surface, and 7.5-billion kilometer travel distance do not turn you off from taking your next vacation there, then NASA's new video simulating a landing on the dwarf planet may be of interest to you. To commemorate 11 years since the launch of its New Horizons spacecraft, NASA combined 100 images taken by the Pluto probe to demonstrate a descent to the surface of the dwarf planet. Everyone's favorite ex-planet, and its largest moon Charon, are tiny specks in the first photo, but each image zooms closer, ending with a photo of only 60 square miles of terrain, near enough to see fissures and rock formations on Pluto's surface. Over 100 photos were used to create the simulation, a remake of a black and white version released July 2016. "To create a movie that makes viewers feel as if they're diving into Pluto, mission scientists had to [add color and detail to] some of the panchromatic (black and white) frames based on what they know