| Voice of Vrillon – The Mysterious Broadcast Transmission
Local news bulletins don't often become the news generally. A little after 5pm on Saturday 26th November 1977, the transmission of the local UK television station Southern News bulletin made worldwide headlines when it was overridden by an external broadcast from an individual claiming to represent the Ashtar Galactic Command. As newscaster Andrew Gardner recited the days' events in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), the scheduled bulletin began to break-up and an eerie broadcast took over in its stead. The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) engineers based in Croydon, Surrey had no idea that their regularly scheduled news bulletin had been hacked by an outside source. This rogue signal was also oblivious to the main transmitter located in Southampton. The only people that were aware of something bizarre taking place were the viewers themselves. Some panicked, while others were unmoved. The video feed remained intact, but the audio was suppressed by a spokesman identifying himself as