| Video of Sunspot Observatory in NM Shows a 'Ghost Town', X-Files DVD & Empty Houses
By now you might be aware of the bizarre situation relating to the sudden shutdown and evacuation of the sun observatory in Sunspot New Mexico. If you need to get caught up you can take a look at these two postings we shared already on the story. And be sure to watch the video "Sunspot whats happening ?" in this article towards the end to see the really bizarre goings on. Mystery Surrounds Evacuation of National Solar Observatory, USPS Office in Sunspot, New Mexico Is Mysterious Shutdown of Observatories Connected to UFO Sighted Near the Sun? As authorities and operators of a New Mexico Solar Observatory remain tight-lipped as to the reason for the abrupt facility shut down 11 days ago, enthusiasts have crossed police lines to film the area that turned into a Ghost town. via RT: The Sunspot Solar Observatory at Sacramento, New Mexico which promises to "unlock the mysteries of the Sun and its effects on Earth" has turned into a sort of terrestrial mystery after it was abruptly closed