| UFO Photographed Above Ancient Inca Site of Machu Picchu
Image of a UFO in the sky above the ancient Machu Picchu ruins in the Andes Mountains was inadvertently taken by a tourist. via ufosightingshotspot: The photographer who has submitted the image to Mufon said: I was visiting Machu Picchu (Peru) with around 20 people of the company I used to work for at that time. We programmed the travel to Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Most of the people of the company was with their wife. I was with my wife also. We were following the guide and all taking pictures to the same directions and locations during the visit. It went well and nobody detected anything weird until we arrived to the hotel that night. When we went for dinner, a member of the team said "have you saw the UFO?". We all laughed and thought it was a joke. He showed us a photo that he took at 10.58 am in which we clearly sees an object flying over the ruins. Machu Picchu is not only a popular tourist attraction in Peru but also known for its many UFO sightings that have been reported over