| The Trilithon: Most Enormous Megalithic Block from Antiquity Revealed
German Archaeological Institute has found an ancient stone quarry of Baalbek. It has found out the size and weight of an enormous stone block. This block was carved by hand. Baalbek was discovered in 7000 to 12,000 BC. It was known as Heliopolis or the City of the Sun. This empire was one of adoration and a sanctuary. There was a Temple of Jupiter. It was built on stone blocks. 27 of these stone blocks formed the foundation, and each weighed 1,000 tons. Original research thought the Temple foundation was built by the Romans, but that is untrue. The style and appearance do not match Roman's style. It is believed an extinct civilization built the foundation. The Romans came along and built over the foundation. THE GIGANTIC BAALBEK MEGALITHIC BLOCK The rock came from a quarry found 800 meters from the temple. Also at the quarry, it was discovered that two man-made stones were never moved due to brittle Stone: The Stone of the Pregnant Woman and Hajjar al-Hibla. But the biggest stone block