| The Strange Link Between The Moon and The First Nuclear Test
Despite being one of the two perpetual occupants of Earth's skies, the Moon still remains somewhat of a mystery to us feeble-minded Earthlings. Scientists and astronomers still debate about the unknown origins of Earth's satellite, with the most popular theory being the Giant Impact Hypothesis. This theory speculates that some massive object slammed into the Earth at some point in distant cosmic history. Pieces of the smashed object and the hunks of Earth which it tore loose were all pulled together by their own gravity and over time formed our own Moon, or so the Giant Impact thinking goes. One problem with this theory is the fact that analysis of the Moon's various soil and rock samples show very little evidence of so-called volatiles – organic compounds or elements such as zinc or water which evaporate easily. These are highly abundant in most places on Earth, but not on the Moon. If the moon were to have its origin in a giant impact, many of these volatiles or, at the very least,