| The Real 'Gods of Egypt' – Were They Aliens ?
THE OSIRIS MYTH The opening scenes of the Gods Of Egypt film depict the murder of the god Osiris by his brother Set. The story is based on what is often referred to as the Osiris Myth, considered to be among the most important stories in all of Egyptian mythology. Historians have traced the Osiris Myth as far back as the 24th century B.C. Egyptian mythology is often contradictory, but the figure of Osiris is relatively consistent. He was the benevolent god-king given providence over the land of Egypt by his parents, the primordial earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut. Legend holds that Osiris' brother Set, jealous of his sibling's power, tricked and murdered Osiris, drowning him in the river Nile. Ancient records refer to the sky goddess Nut as "from another world" – Meaning Osiris could have been half Alien! THOTH The Egyptian god Thoth – ruled over the spheres of knowledge, science, philosophy and magic. He was also associated with law and mediation. When conflicts broke out among