| The Nuremberg Incident – A Mass Sighting Of UFO Battle From Medieval Times
Look! Up in the sky! t's a bird! It's a plane! ? Plane? What's a plane? Medievals would not have known the answer to that question. But they did know flying objects when they saw them. Especially brightly lit, metallic objects engaged in battle across the skies over a major city. Think we're the only ones who see UFO's? The only difference between our sightings and theirs, is that medievals didn't scoff at it. They detailed their sightings, and saw no reason to ridicule those who did so. Documents from the Middle Ages show more recorded UFO sightings than in all of NASA's top secret files. Why so many medieval sightings? Well, according to historians, medievals could report their sightings without fear of being branded a nut cake. And according to space scientists, UFO's had nothing to fear from the medievals. There was no technology, as we have today, for launching attacks on flying foreign objects. UFO's could fly openly across medieval skies without a worry. Sound logical? Or like