| The Four Biggest Volcanoes in Iceland are Getting Ready to Erupt
While most of the world is watching Washington DC for the next major earth-rattling eruption, someone needs to keep an eye on Iceland, where all four of its major volcanoes are exhibiting signs of potential real eruptions of the global winter kind. Seismic activity tells us we need to be more vigilant than usual but not much more than that now. She is trying to tell us something more than we may understand not completely. Geophysicist Páll Einarsson tells Iceland's Fréttablaðið newspaper (Google translated) that he's most concerned about Katla, a large volcano in southern Iceland that has had multiple earthquakes in its caldera recently, with one measuring 4.3 magnitude. Katla has a long history of regular eruptions every 60 to 80 years. With its last major eruption in 1918, Katla is overdue. That regularity is a trait of all of the major volcanoes in Iceland, which concerns Einarsson. They are created to behave fairly regularly over the last decade with eruptions in 1998 and 2004 and