| Strange Trumpet-Like Sounds in Spokane Valley Washington has Thousands of People Talking
Thousands of people are scratching their heads about an eerie sound that's been heard all night long in the Spokane Valley but no one seems to know for sure where the sound is coming from. Linda Pennfield from Spokane Valley and her husband have one theory on what the noise might be. She says the sound was so loud and so persistent last night, her husband actually got out of his bed and jumped in the car to track it down. His conclusion? The sound was coming from all the snow plows, as the metal plows scraped against the ground. According to our in house science expert, Radical Rick, the cold temperatures could be affecting the way we hear sound. He said, "temperature does affect the speed of sound, which can make certain things sounds different than what we are used to hearing. Sound will actually travel faster in hot air than it will in colder air." Did you hear it? Do you know what it is? We're working to get to the bottom of it. Nichole Mischke KHQ IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE