| 'Significant' Secret Tests Suspected to Have Taken Place Near Area 51 This Weekend
The mysterious US Air Force Base, Area 51, was established in the 1950s, ostensibly to test secretive aircraft programmes — and now various pieces of information suggest that "something big" happened near the top-secret military facility in the Nevada desert this weekend. The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), home to highly-classified US Air Force facility Area 51, is thought to have hosted some kind of a "significant test or tests" this past weekend, The Drive reported, referring to "fragmented reports from various sources". One of the sources is Twitter user Bryan Herbert, who monitors aerial happenings. Beginning on 8 August, he began sharing a bunch of Notices to Airman (NOTAMs) that allegedly identified certain restricted areas within the NTTR that were being put off-limits to any air traffic at any altitude. While it remains unknown whether any tests did happen and the authenticity of these NOTAMs is unverified, the first purported notice was issued for the restricted