| SHOCKING Animal Cruelty Footage Surfaces Online of Coca-Cola Partner Farm
Even if you're not a buyer of Fairlife you might have recalled seeing the commercials for it. It shows a happy animated cow face at the end. Well there isn't anything happy about milk and dairy. This type of abuse is NOT isolated. This is the norm. As a matter of fact the abuse is inherent, it is just kept from the public as best as they can because most people are decent and would not knowingly continue buying milk or dairy if they realized just how it all works and the suffering that is involved in getting milk from another mammal. The milk from a cow is meant for baby cows not humans, no animals should suffer for the milk meant for her own babies. Take a look at what milk and dairy involves. The cruelty is an inherent part of it. Please end your support of the nightmare that is milk and dairy, switch to plantbased alternatives instead such as soy, almond, oat, etc. And you can also take a look at our link on how to go plantbased/vegan: Going Vegan / Plant Based DAIRY IS SCARY! The