| SHOCK CLAIM: Illuminati Blasting Us With 'Happy Drugs and Viruses Through Chemtrails'
SECRETIVE corrupt world leaders are filling the skies with chemicals to keep us in check, and even sick, by blasting them out through so-called chemtrails, it has astonishingly been claimed. Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring made the shocking allegation on his website after sharing a video which allegedly shows a UFO analysing the contrails of a passenger jet. The chemtrails conspiracy theory is one of the most widely believed on Earth. It claims that normal contrails seen coming from aircraft are actually being used to covertly spray chemicals into the sky in front of our eyes. The theories over what is being sprayed vary from aerosols to stop global warming, to happy gs to keep populations in check, and even viral infections to make people sick and line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. Most chemtrail believers, whose number include Hollywood hardman Chuck Norris, claim the alleged Illuminati are behind the chemtrail scandal. The Illuminati is another